Antique Firearms

I am small collector, with big values and privacy is essential. I offer excellent Pre 1899 items that are fully functional for a lifetime. Antiques that are 118 years old and ready to shoot the ammunition designed for the antique. All arms have been inspected, repair, relined, blued by an expert gun smith.

Itís an honor to be related to the survival blog and their efforts.

I do not offer cheap, items only grade A, shoot-able pre1899 antiques.
Email me @ or call 720-675-9769 [MENTION SURVIAL BLOG IN YOUR EMAIL / CALL FOR 5% OFF]

A beautiful model 1890 22 Pump TAKEDOWN in the 22 WRF. This Rifle is wonderfully restored for a life time of shooting, the 1890 pump made before 1899 is very rare item. This 2ND Model take down, has a new rifled barrel hand make from JTM in Spokane WA. Lightly sanded stocks, and a simple dark reblue. The 22 WRF ammo is widely available and considered the early 22 magnum. The 1890 was the gallery gun used in carnivals, since the 1890 depression most boys got a single shot Flobert, but some saved for the 1890. Delivered to your door step $1400.00 STEAL

Winchester 1890 22 WRF Antique NO FFL! Takedown

SPECIAL #2 $450 Delivered!

Nice double action 38 long colt.
Model 1889 COLT. This beautiful original Colt is a excellent antique collectible. Beautiful original grips are on the pistol.
Made in 1892! Antique, direct shipping except to : NJ , DC , NYC, NJ, HI, IL IL
Model 1889 Navy.
Year Serial Number
1889 1 , 1890 5200 ,1891 10400, 1892 17100, 1893 23500, 1894 28000-31000

1889 Colt DA 38 Caliber Made 1894



A fun collecting item and shooter. Very similar round to the 44-40. 41 Swiss, converted to center fire. Gas custom cartridges com sells the ammo for a good deal. A bolt action rifle compared to the lever action. Great mechanics, nice rifle, good bore. Ships direct. Antique. Must be 21.

Gads custom cartridges will make 41 swiss center fire, about a 44 Winchester.